Ensuring PIPSO’s sustainability

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Strategic Focus Area 4 – Ensuring the sustainability of PIPSO’s resources and enhancing its capabilities

As a regional organisation, PIPSO is reliant on external support to maintain operations – from members’ subscriptions, to partners programme and project funding – all these are funds that stem from wider pool of resources such as taxation and membership fees/contributions, and PIPSO is mindful it has to be transparent and account for such funds bestowed to it.

PIPSO as an organisation has adopted a strategic plan to provide organisational direction and has a Board of Directors to provide strategic and governance oversight.  These are two elements that contribute to the wider sustainability efforts of PIPSO to ensure that its mobilising of resources are guided by objectives and priorities in the Strategic Plan and to filter and benefit its members, and that its Board and Staff utilitse these in accordance to those approved plans.

Objective 4.1
Sustainable resource base for PIPSO operations and service delivery to members and private sector.

Objective 4.2
A robust communications, information and outreach platform for PIPSO.

Objective 4.3
Transparent and effective financial, administrative and human resource development policy.


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