Supporting and strengthening members

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Strategic Focus Area 1 – Supporting national private sector organisations (NPSOS) to be strong and responsive organisations

One of PIPSO’s key areas is to work with the NPSO members to strengthen them as institutions so that they can serve their membership in a better coordinated, and strategic way.  The NPSO, as a business network and/or local organisation of businesses has a central role to advance the interests of businesses in that community – whether as micro enterprises, SMEs or large corporates.

Central to this institutional strengthening is the guideline on building resilient NPSOs. This was developed by the Secretariat in 2013 – a first in the Pacific Region for NPSOs and NGOs. The guideline covers good practices on the formation of NPSOs Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, accountability and preparing and holding private and public sector dialogue and partnerships.

This is important for NPSOs as they continue to build their capacities to be a credible partner in dialoguing with government and other key stakeholders.   Another exercise linked to this is the Business Survey – where results will provide better information on the situation of the business  sector in a country with substantive information available to contribute to Government’s creation of business oriented legislation and policies, as well as information to local businesses and potential investors (trade opportunities), and enable the NPSOs to plan and mobilise resources to support associated services to its members and the wider national private sector.

Other institutional strengthening capacities programmes/interventions include: mentoring and working with other NPSOs around the region; developing organisational strategic plans and other internal policies; working with the NPSOs on resource mobilising efforts (eg proposals), and providing support as necessary to strengthen advocacy and lobbying roles.

Objective 1.1

Schedule of capacity building training programmes and associated assistance.

Objective 1.2
Establish Business e-Hub Centre, i.e. development of policy guidelines and templates for NPSO institutional strengthening.

Objective 1.3
Define information clearing house role with support from PIPSO.



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