Assisting growth of Pacific businesses

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Strategic Focus Area 2 – Assisting Pacific businesses to enhance their business competitiveness and growth

Whilst not all businesses in a country are affiliated to an NPSO-like body, it is still important for PIPSO to ensure that it calls for and advocates for all Pacific businesses, and particularly MSMEs, when it comes to promoting business competitiveness.

Business competitiveness is a company’s ability to provide products and services as or more effectively and efficiently than the other, and mores specifically, relevant competitors.  This boils down to considerations in the broader context – cost of production, human resources, transportation costs, marketing, technology, etc – and businesses therefore have to  continue delivering on the competitive advantages to remain profitable.  For businesses, it is about gaining knowledge, awareness and expertise  to make ones business (or industry) improve its productivity.

For PIPSO, this include various modes of capacity building and technical assistance support (include facilitating support) to enhance business competitiveness and includes but is not limited to: finance trainings; marketing and quality assurance; cluster development; and food safety and regulations.

Competitiveness interventions also include industry visits and participating in trade exhibitions and trade shows, where one can learn from competitors, other vendors and industry wide players. PIPSO is of the view that research and development, and engagement with academia is one area in the Pacific that the private sector has not fully reached out to and there are opportunities to be amassed.

Cluster development is one policy area that PIPSO widely advocates for recognising that Pacific businesses can gain better traction from greater collaboration within and among competitors and like-minded businesses, as well as with Government, and academia.

Objective 2.1
Multi-pronged and coordinated industry research and capacity building programmes for Pacific businesses.

Objective 2.2 
Innovative credit and funding schemes.

Objective 2.3
Business networking and counselling support services.


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