Championing private sector interests

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Strategic Focus Area 3 – Championing the interests of private sector in the appropriate fora

As a regional organisation a key role for PIPSO is to represent the Pacific private sector in regional and intenational events, and where possible, provide support to local interest groups (eg NPSOs et al) to advocate and lobby for private sector and business development issues.

PIPSO receives invitations to speak and present at various regional and international events and uses these opportunities to raise the issues of concern to Pacific businesses, and particularly to MSMEs. And depending on the platform, PIPSO will ensure it covers the diverse issues faced, and include for example, issues concerning the cost and ease of doing business in the Pacific, issues concerning registering businesses and those pertaining to business licence renewals and fees, taxation, business start-up for youth, women in business challenges, access to finance, outdated regulatory frameworks, high transportation and utilities costs, etc

These fora are also an opportunity for PIPSO to dialogue with partners and interest groups to lobby for support, and/or to design and consolidate plans to reduce duplication and wastage of resources, and ensure that programming to Pacific islands private sector is targeted and based on priorities.

Objective 3.1
Effective national and regional consultative dialogue processes.

Objective 3.2
Compile and disseminate private sector research, surveys, and advocacy papers.

Objective 3.3
Establish pathways and projects for collaboration under PPPs.


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