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Promoting and inspiring the growth of Pacific Businesses is at the heart of PIPSO's vision so everything that we do ultimately drives the development of the SME sector in our region, particularly in building the trade, investment, and business development capacities of Pacific businesses so they can become more competitive and productive.

Pacific Businesses form the foundation of the regional economy and it is widely recognised that the private sector can be an engine for inclusive growth by creating decent jobs, contributing toward public revenue (through taxation, etc.) and being the provider of various goods and services in an economy. 

We have an enormous responsibility in representing your interests as Pacific businesses, and in this section we have put together information that we hope you will find useful in your business journeys.

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Success Stories From The Region

Servicing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) needs in Port Moresby

Priscilla Kevin of IN4NET services over 20 local corporate and small medium enterprises in Port Moresby, primarily in enterprise resource planning (ERP) services and support. The growth has also seen her expand the services the business offers, and now includes the provision of ICT management and advisory services, financial business data analytics and document management,...

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