Follywell No.6 Limited Trading as “AMRUQA”

Follywell No.6 Limited Trading as “AMRUQA”

Follywell No.6 Limited Trading as “AMRUQA”

Contact Details

Business Name: Follywell No.6 Limited Trading as "AMRUQA"
Contact Name: Ian Sexton
Phone Contact: (675) 7333 9040
Address: Vunakanau Estate, P.O Box 1593, Rabaul 611, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea
Country: Papua New Guinea


Primary Business/Product: VCO, Value added cosmetics / body care products
Secondary Business/Product/service: Products: A Range of Essential Oils. Services: Integrated Farmer training and awareness. Agricultural Development Advisory Service – selection and implementation of suitable processing systems to suit required production output and market requirement. Includes maintenance and clean down training in line with certification requirements i.e Organic and HACCP Standards.

Suppliers & Markets

No. of Farmers or Suppliers: 250 - 300 Families
Main Markets: Papua New Guinea (domestic), Fiji; New Zealand; Malaysia, Japan; We also supply essential oils to Europe - UK & France


Any Other: Integral Trade Certification Currently implementing HACCP Plan to gain certification.


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