Island Style Organic Products

Island Style Organic Products

Island Style Organic Products

Contact Details

Business Name: Island Style Organic Products
Contact Name: Patricia Hunter
Phone Contact: (683) 4246
Address: Aliluki Alofi South, Niue. P.O. Box 66, Alofi Niue
Country: Niue


Primary Business/Product: VCO
Secondary Business/Product/service: Value added body care products, Coconut cream, husks for mulching, shells for small fires.

Suppliers & Markets

Main Markets: Visitors to Niue who buy to take home for personal use or as gifts. Niue residents. One Australian client.


Oragnic Certified: Niue has Bio-Gro certification for combined vanilla plantations, but only one farm has full certification but the plantation of approx 1200 trees is basically senile and needs a total replant. No-one appears to be listening despite the issue having been raised at various workshops, etc.


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