Solomon Islands Coconut Technology Centre (CTC)

Solomon Islands Coconut Technology Centre (CTC)

Solomon Islands Coconut Technology Centre (CTC)

Contact Details

Business Name: Solomon Islands Coconut Technology Centre (CTC)
Contact Name: Frank Sanders
Phone Contact: (677) 20027 / 28026
Address: P.O. Box 1675, Honiara, Solomon Islands (Sun Valley Junction Lunga Estate).
Country: Solomon Islands


Primary Business/Product: Copra, VCO, Coconut Cream, Coconut meal, Timber products, Charcoal / carbon, Jewellery / handicrafts
Secondary Business/Product/service: The CTC provides Coconut Technology Rural Advisory Services that include mantenance of internal control systems and management plans for Organic and Fair Trade Certificaion. The CTC also conduct Coconut Technology Applied Research for value chain stakeholders to enhance village based processing enterprises.

Suppliers & Markets

No. of Farmers or Suppliers: The CTC operates coconut processing facilities in Honiarra for the purpose of demonstration, training and research. We source coconuts from 3 regular farmers and 30 additional farmers when conducting full production trials.
Main Markets: Our main market is the domestic Honiarra market for products produced as part of our demonstration, research and training operations. We supply directly to end users as part of value chain development and supply to exsisting retailers once products and markets are established.


Oragnic Certified: The CTC production facility and associated nut suppliers have organic certificaiton through NASAA that provides access to American, Canadian, Australian, NewZealand, Japanese, German and UK markets.
Any Other: The CTC has fair trade certificaiton.


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