Tavulomo Coconut Processing Ltd

Tavulomo Coconut Processing Ltd

Tavulomo Coconut Processing Ltd

Contact Details

Business Name: Tavulomo Coconut Processing Ltd
Contact Name: Chris Wyllie
Phone Contact: (679) 9451363, (642)26837151
Address: Vuniysi Main Road, Bua, Vanua Levu, Fiji. 19 Kempthorne Crescent, Mission Bay , Auckland
Email: tavulomovco@gmail.com , chriswyllie08@gmail.com
Country: New Zealand


Primary Business/Product: VCO, Coconut water, Value added cosmetics / body care products
Secondary Business/Product/service: "Frozen coconut meat, dried coconut meal for stock food. Mature coconut water"

Suppliers & Markets

No. of Farmers or Suppliers: 12-17 farmers supply us with mature coconuts
Main Markets: NZ , Europe is our key market. France/ Norway/ Germany


Oragnic Certified: No, do have 100% traceability on our VCO from Farmers to the retailer. Our coconuts are organically grown.
Any Other: Food Handling Certificate. GMP & SSOP's


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