Women In Business Development Inc.

Women In Business Development Inc.

Women In Business Development Inc.

Contact Details

Business Name: Women In Business Development Inc.
Contact Name: Alberta Vitale
Phone Contact: (685) 21959
Address: Women In Business Development Inc, 2nd Nia Mall Building, Fugalei, P.O. Box 6591, Apia, Samoa
Email: albertam@womeninbusiness.ws
Country: Samoa


Primary Business/Product: VCO, Value added cosmetics / body care products
Secondary Business/Product/service: Production of organic dehydrated bananas, fetau oil and other agricultural value-added products.

Suppliers & Markets

No. of Farmers or Suppliers: We have 667 organically certified farmers in the project that supply the different produce and products for WIBDI markets.
Main Markets: Samoa, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and USA.


Oragnic Certified: Yes we are organically certified to NASAA for NCO, USDA and the UK equivalence.
Any Other: Currently working on Fair Trade and HACCP certifications. The VCO exported to UK is recognised as a Community Trade product in The Body Shop's commitment to fair trade.


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