Small Business Financial Training

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PIPSO conducts up to three Small Business Financial training workshops in a year. The focus of the workshop is business, in particular financial, forward planning. It is necessary that participants in this workshop have a sound understanding of cash & accrual accounting practices

This understanding may have come from external experience/training or from attendance at PIPSO Financial Toolkit training workshops at Level 1 & Level 2. Participants must already be able to read & understand a standard business income statement (profit & loss account), balance sheet & cash flow. These are used throughout the Modules offered at Level 3. Present value tables are used in places & provided where required.

The Modules, presented below, are designed to assist business owners wishing to undertake long-term strategic planning, cost & price their product, prepare a business plan, financially assess competing capital expenditure opportunities, know when & when not to borrow funds for expansion, gain an insight into funding from a banking point of view & how to assess the value of their business. 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Costs & Pricing
  • Preparing a Business Plan
  • Capital Expenditure Decisions
  • Funding, Debt & Equity
  • A Bank’s View of Finance
  • Valuing a Business

Participants will be asked to undertake learning activities and provided with hard copy activities and exercises to do, either in a group environment, individually or both.

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