PIPSO sign MOU with HACCP Australia (Fiji) Ltd

May 26, 2017

10 May, 2017 (Suva, Fiji) – The Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO) met with HACCP Australia (Fiji) Ltd at the PIPSO Office in Suva where they jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Under the MOU, both PIPSO and HACCP Australia (Fiji) Ltd will work together to assist companies in the Pacific that wish to attain HACCP certification for their products that are to be sold domestically and internationally.

Pacific based companies and organisations will benefit from the joint efforts of PIPSO and HACCP Australia to actively assist them in meeting and maintaining HACCP based Food Safety Management Programme objectives in a cost effective and consultative manner. This will be done through the provision of expert technical resources, guiding tools and resources as well as awareness to local businesses of the benefits and methodology of HACCP certification.

The collaboration is based on a genuine spirit of partnership in which both organisations will enhance and complement the efforts of the other whilst strengthening their own areas of expertise and skill, whilst utilizing local resources.

Positive impact on Pacific businesses will be further magnified by both PIPSO’s network and support combined with HACCP Australia (Fiji) international expertise and networks. This partnership is essential to assist businesses to meet business opportunities under various trade agreements especially with the recently endorsed Pacer Plus.

While trade agreements open markets, complying with market entry requirements like HACCP certification is crucial. This partnership will further explore how HACCP assessment and certification costs can be reduced by working with clusters of businesses and the engagement of local experts who have been thoroughly trained in the area of Food Safety Standards.

The MOU outlines several areas of collaboration and support between PIPSO and HACCP Australia as well as core activities that will be jointly undertaken. The MOU was signed by PIPSO Chair Mr. Howard Politini and HACCP Australia (Fiji) Ltd Director, Mr. Martin Stone.



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