Fiji Islands Safety Act 2003

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The document articulates the laws and regulations in place in Fiji with regards to food preparation, sale/fair trade so as to ensure consumer safety and are able to make informed choices.
Sections of the document that are applicable to the copra industry:
Part 2-General Provisions Section 13 – Labelling requirements
Part 4-Importation
Part 5- Administration and enforcement, ,Section 32-Analysts and approved laboratories, Sections 44-48.
Part 6-Legal proceedings, Sections 56-Valuation of the goods, Section 59-Presumption as to consumption, Section 66-Penalities, Schedule 2, not adhering to the Act
Part 7-Miscellaneous, Section 69-Codex Alimentarius, this act supersedes any rules or regulations in the Codex Alimentarius Commission

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